3D Fiber Lash Mascara ... Simply AMAZING - Guest Blogger Sonya (with Younique Cosmetics) June 10 2013, 2 Comments

I am so excited to introduce you all to Younique! But first, let me tell you a little about myself and how I found these amazing products! I have always had short, thin eyelashes. They drove me nuts! I would look for mascara after mascara to try to make them look longer and fuller but each one I tried never seemed to give the promised look. Then, I treated myself to eyelash extensions, and I LOVED them at first.

 After the first week with the extensions, I noticed they were tangling up and falling off a bit as I would try to comb them out and separate them. I also noticed that each time one came off, it brought my own real eyelash with it. It was impossible to rub my eyes if they itched, I had to be very careful and applying eyeshadow and liner was awkward.

 When I needed to have them refilled I was unable to due to the cost but more than half of them had fallen out after only 4 weeks. Along with the extensions that were falling out so where my already thin, short and weak lashes. Like Acrylic nails as the fake lashes came off it weakened and thinned out my real lashes and I was devastated. I looked for anything that would nurse them back to health. That was when a friend of mine introduced me to a product called 3D Lash Mascara. I was curious but the price seemed like a lot for regular mascara, but it promised so much more and I was willing to try it in hopes that it would work where the other mascara’s failed. After all, I added up how much I had spent on all those other mascaras that failed. So I ordered it and gave it a try!

 I was SOLD!! I could really see MY lashes again!! They looked long and full and without extensions, I could not believe it! And that is how I got started with Younique! The 3D Lash is just one of the many amazing ALL NATURAL cosmetics that they have available! I love the 3D Lash, and cannot go without it! I have been using the mineral eyeshadow pigments as well, and they are beautiful!! They blend together so perfectly, and don't crease up or smudge! All the products that I have used are long lasting, meaning I put them on early in the AM, and my makeup still looks just as fresh when I get ready to remove it for bed! 

These products do not contain any harsh chemicals. They are natural, long lasting and require only a small amount per application! I was just a customer for about three months before finally signing up to Distribute the products to others. So I am not just speaking from the standpoint of a Presenter, but also as a client! 

There are so many looks you can achieve with Younique 3D lash and mineral eye pigments! Here are just a few to check out! I know that you will LOVE these products once you try them! You can also find out more from my website and Facebook page - www.YouniqueProducts.com/Sonya www.Facebook.com/YouniquebySonya

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